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In 2010, MJ collaborated with the Center for Coaching Excellence in authoring a
customized 10 week, 40 hour, senior housing sales course entitled, Senior Conversations.

Effective training of your sales and marketing staff is the key to effectively “selling” to seniors. At this point in time, we refer to “sales and marketing” because we assume those are terms familiar to you as it relates to those who are actively promoting your service and/or product. Whether you are promoting an independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, home health, hospice, long term care insurance, etc, the basic principles of communicating with people apply across the board.

While each sales person has a unique selling style, two characteristics are common among the most successful sales people we’ve met:

  • they listen more and talk less
  • they focus the conversation on you, not them

For some of you, this may sound simple. You’re right and you’re wrong. The idea is simple. Anyone can learn the principles and techniques. Not everyone can apply them. It takes time for those techniques to become a more natural part of the way he or she thinks and communicates.


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Multiple Week Training

Focusing on Senior Living Sales as a profession.

We all have experienced sales people who attended a one or two day sales training and then believe they are experts in selling to seniors. We have news for you! A microwave sales training only produces a pop-tart sales person. And a pop-tart sales person isn’t adequately trained or prepared to guide a resident or resident’s family during this season in their lives.

In Senior Conversations, we focus on Senior Living Sales as a profession. This training will take you through a multiple week, step-by-step approach to learning, practicing, and applying these principles and techniques. Senior Conversations will teach you how to hear what the person isn’t saying and how to ask powerful questions to create greater awareness of his or her situation. We take these basic principles and break them down to set in stone the foundation for Senior Conversations. It will provide you with the tools and resources necessary to take back to your organization and begin using immediately. Just as a solid foundation is built one brick at a time, Senior Conversations takes you “brick by brick” to building a sustainable sales solution.

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