At MJ Senior Housing, we recognize senior housing is about people and not buildings. We realize the only way to strengthen the bottom line is by making people the priority.

It’s not just something we say because it sounds good; it’s what we actually do. We have the ability and resources to provide on-site leadership and implementation of a sustainable solution to your problem. Whether you have experienced a census decline that needs to be fixed immediately or a less than desirable state survey, we can be on-site with the experience and knowledge to help.

Our Terrific Track Record

  • developed over 1500 apartments of senior housing
  • provided direct oversight for multi-state operations with $20,000,000 operating budgets
  • created and drove a sales force that consistently exceeded occupancy goals
  • provided direction and programming for staff training and development as well as Assisted Living program development
  • increased customer satisfaction
  • maintained operating margins well above national averages
  • actively participates in state and national affiliated assisted living associations
  • registered Assisted Living Administrators through the State of Nebraska
  • Additional training, degrees and certifications

If you were hoping to find a company who could bring in a good resume, offer up some ideas, and point out all of your problems, but hasn’t actually been in the trenches to know what will and won’t work; then you should keep looking!

Of course, we could spend time telling you about our years of combined experience in the Assisted Living Industry. And, informing you that we started in this industry as a maintenance person and a certified nurse’s aide is definitely noteworthy.

OR we could tell you about the driving force behind all of those successes listed above.

Which are you interested in?


In the two years I have worked with Jason and MaryLynne, they impressed me with their caring and commitment to their residents and employees. When asked to make difficult decisions, they always choose the right thing for the employee because they are extremely dedicated to an engaged workforce, which consequently produces a fulfilled living experience for their residents. This is the environment they have created, they treat their residents, as well as their employees, with a great deal of respect, making for a rich working environment that benefits all.”

Susan Tosoni



There are some people who watch things happen and then there are those people who make things happen. MaryLynne and Jason are the kind of people who can make it happen!

Bob Sorensen

Owner/President, Fire Guard – Supplier of Fire Protection Products and Services


Having been in the senior retirement industry for more than fifteen years, I was delighted to hear the objective of MJ Senior Housing’s sales and marketing training, entitled “Senior Conversations: focuses on the needs and wishes of our senior population. This has been my guiding principle and has served me well during my career in the healthcare industry. The sincerity and honesty that both MaryLynne Bolden and Jason Lange, trainers and owners of MJ Senior Housing, exemplify is refreshing and energizing. Their concept is: help others achieve their goals, and all of our goals will be met as well. Sometimes the prospect’s goal may not result in a move to our specific community, but if we assist each person who walks through our door to find the absolute best fit for him/her, I for one, firmly believe that our open and caring attitude will come back tenfold. MaryLynne’s and Jason’s training provides each of us the avenue to grow to our fullest potential when conversing with our seniors and their influencers. My census has grown to 100% with a waiting list since completing their informative, educational, useful and professionally-presented sales training classes

PJ Prusia

Executive Director, Silvercrest at Deer Creek Active Retirement Community


Good morning MaryLynne:

I just want to say thank you to you and Jason for giving me that opportunity to take your class. I have taken a lot of those tools that you have taught me during the class and I have put those to good use. My community has been full for quite awhile now and I even have 10 on my waiting list. I feel and always have had the same passion that you and Jason have had for our elderly population and that is the first step in caring for them. I am still trying to convince my wife that I have become a great dancer because I love to “Dance in the Moment”. I want you to know that you and Jason are very special people and again thank you for all that you do and I hope you never change being you.

Have a super day,

Michael Hunter

Executive Director, Silvercrest at Anamosa


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